:: Shop Update! ::

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All business today folks!

I did a little shop update yesterday, and just wanted to let you all know!

I’m still plugging away at (even more!) new hoodies for your viewing and wearing pleasure, so as always, check back soon to see what I feel like making this week 🙂

There are a few new sample sale pieces up in my Etsy shop, and each design is available for reorder!

Happy Shopping, and thanks for your support, as always! ❤

xoxo SBK


:: Let’s be Friends! ::

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You like me, right?

I like you too!

Let’s be friends on facebook 🙂

We all know that you want to keep up with SBK and what I’m up to over here; events, photo shoots, wedding dress adventures…I’ve also got a few coupon codes floating around out there right now, as well as a family & friends event and a free shipping special coming up! We can thank Mr. Zuckerberg for making it so easy to share these wonderful things with you!

I may not be on top of everything right now, but like a 6th grade girl, I’m on top of my facebook! So let’s be friends!

xoxo SBK

:: Busy Bee! ::

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It would be an understatement to say that these past few months (ok, almost a year–who are we kidding) have been a whirlwind of chaotic events.

Between a move back to the east coast after five wonderful years in California, moving into a new studio, and some major renovation projects, I’m finally settling back in to the swing of things! I’ve been stitching up some new projects here and here, working on new designs for spring, and also am tackling my first wedding dress commission!

Needless to say, Kate has been a busy bee!

If you haven’t stopped by my Etsy shop lately, swing on by and see some of the new pieces I’ve listed. I promise more new designs to come in the following weeks, as well as a fully documented play-by-play of the wedding dress construction adventure!

My website, www.stuffbykate.com will also be getting a face lift in the hopefully near future. So here’s to new adventures, new places, and of course, new clothes!

Stay tuned!

xo SBK

:: Playing with Blythe–sleep eye tutorial ::

•March 28, 2010 • 26 Comments

So as some of you may know, I’ve recently been bitten by the Blythe “bug.” I started collecting these cuties a few months ago, and being the crafty little person I am, I wanted to start opening her up right away and begin my custom girls.

I have found many extremely helpful tutorials at puchicollective.com. The one thing I was finding a bit tricky (and hadn’t found a good tutorial for) was giving Blythe “sleep eyes.” Not a hard procedure I’ve realized, now that I’ve done them–but I wanted to provide a really good tutorial on giving your Blythe her own opportunity for nap time 🙂

I think part of the problem was that I didn’t really understand how they worked…so here’s how! When you pull Blythe’s original cord, her eyes close, click, and then re-open with her next set of chips. Giving your Blythe doll “sleep eyes” is quite simple–what you’re basically doing is adding a second pull cord to take the place of the spring, which connects to the slot in the back of her face plate. Without the spring to automatically open her eyes, you can now have control over whether her eyes are open or closed, and can also vary the amount her eyelids are closed.

Here, I’m going to be working on my RBL mold Ichigo Heaven, Charlie, who has bravely volunteered for the demonstration. [to read more about Blythe molds, click here!]

Charlie, IH (RBL)

Ok, here we go!

1. You’ll have to get inside Blythe’s head to give her sleep eyes. Begin by unscrewing the three screws on the back of your Blythe’s head plate.The RBL mold has two larger screws at the bottom, and one smaller screw at the top above the spring. I’ve laid Charlie down on a soft cloth as to avoid any scratching on her face.

Remove the screws from her head plate

If you can’t find a tiny screwdriver (mine has gone AWOL at the moment) a snappy hair clip actually works quite well to get the top screw out.

In a pinch, a snappy hair clip will get that tiny top screw out.

2. Using tweezers or a small crochet hook, unhook the spring in the slot below the screw. Let the spring retract inside Blythe’s head. This is the slot where her new sleep cord will come out through.

Unhook the spring. This is where the new sleep cord will come out through.

3. Pop her head open by gently squeezing her ears together. Here is a good tutorial from puchicollective on scalping your RBL mold Blythe if you need additional help. Once her head is open, snip her charms to free her face plate from her back head plate (or untie them if you plan to use the same cord).

Snip her charms so you can fully separate her plates.

Here is what an RBL Blythe’s head looks like from the inside. You can see her one pull string and her eye mechanism.

This is what Charlie's eye mech looks like.

4. I find it easiest to insert the new cording if you remove the eye mechanism. You might not have to, but I’m planning on giving Charlie some new eye chips while I’ve got her opened up, so I’m going to take it out.

So, I’m going to unscrew the T-bar before removing the eye mechanism.

Unscrew the T-bar.

5. I’m going to replace Charlie’s original cord with a pink one so it will match her new sleep cord. To do this, just snip the cord at the bottom of the white arc, snip the new cord at an angle, thread through and tie a little knot.

(Charlie’s eyes are soaking right now so I can change the chips, but you can leave the eyes in the mech for the next steps.)

I’ve purchased some new colorful pullrings from Twiggy Twiggy, but will probably save the pink pulls for another girl. You can also use kite string, craft cording, or window blind cording and your own charms.

Here, I've replaced Charlie's orignal cord with a pink one.

6. Now we are going to add the second cord to the eye mech that will allow your Blythe’s eyes to stay closed. Again, snip your cord at an angle so it will feed through the hole (I also singed the end of my cord to melt it just a bit and give it a stiffer end that won’t fray). Feed the cord through the hole where the spring is attached and make a small knot. I found knotting on the left side works best.

Thread the 2nd cord through the hole where the spring is attached and tie a knot.

7. Tie a second little looped knot around the other end of the spring to keep it from swinging around in her head. Your spring is not going to be reattached to the back of your dolls head plate. (You can remove the spring all together if you really want to. I leave mine in there just in case I ever want to put her back to normal and take away her sleep eyes.)

Tie a loop around the end of the spring to keep it from swinging around inside her head.

(I’ve given Charlie all new chips while we were adding her sleep cord, so next is to put her eyes back in her mechanism, which you won’t have to do if you haven’t removed the eyeballs)

I've got the eye meck all back together with new chips.

8. Put the eye mech back into the faceplate and screw down the T-bar. (Make sure to not tighten the T-bar too much; I cracked Charlie’s when I was putting it back in and had to repair it with super glue)

You can see the two sets of cords Charlie has now.

Put the eye mech back in the face plate and screw down the T-bar.

9. Feed the original cord attached to the bottom of the white arc back through the round hole in the back head plate. Then, feed the new sleep cord though the slot where the spring used to be.

Thread her cords through the back of her head.

10. Now you are all set to pop her head back together! Put her charms back on, or add new ones if you’d like, and your girl is all set to take a nap! 🙂

Reattach the charms.

When you pull the original cord, her eyes will shut and click, but now they will remain closed. To open her eyes, you will now pull the second cord that we just added. Ta-dah! Sleep eyes.


I hope this was helpful and easy to understand. I’m loving learning about Blythe and customizing her…. plus it’s really fun to have an excuse to act like a 6 year old again! 🙂



:: BIG news ::

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Have you heard….?

Well, I’ve got news…big news. Big BIG big news in fact! Apple flavored news..?

Ok, enough. Stuff by Kate is moving!..to New York City! I can still hardly believe it.

California, please know that I love you, and this is nothing personal…we’ve had a good run. I will miss your sunshine dearly. But for many reasons, I’ve decided to make the great trek back to the east coast—MY coast.

I’ve been so lucky to have had this wonderful adventure. Over the past five years, I’ve made some wonderful friends, thrown some realllly fun fashion shows, and seen a ton of sights. I’ve grown as a person and a designer. I’ll be taking many good memories (and my California born pup, Koa-bear!) with me when I go. I’m sure my dog is SO excited to live in six months of snow…sorry Bear!

I’ll be heading out on my brand new adventure at the end of April (the 19th to be exact) and I look forward to spending a great summer with my family before heading to the Big Apple in the fall. As much as I loved my California adventure, I’m ready for a new one. A new story line, a new set of goals….keep an eye out, world, because I’ve got my sights set high! I can’t wait to see what New York City has to offer!

So there you have it! My big news. I’m so very excited. Sad, nostalgic, and still a little unsure…but sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end and go for it. I’m going to miss a lot of things a little, a lot of people a little more, and a few certain people an unimaginable amount.

My shop will remain open with jewelry and in stock garments until April 15th, and then I’ll be off. Oh! And you can follow me on twitter to keep track of my journey! I like to tweet, so I promise to do so often on my trip, because I KNOW you all want to see how fun driving across Kansas is. 🙂

Thank you all SO so much for your unwavering support of my line, and thank you to my dear friends for giving me the pleasure of having met you all. I’ll send postcards!

See you soon……

Wave goodbye Koa! (ruff.) 😉


:: Friday Feature :: Beehive Kitchenware ::

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It’s been a while since I posted a Friday Feature, but these finds are just so cute and crave-able, I had to rise to the occasion… (No pun intended!)

These adorable kitchen finds are by Beehive Kitchenware, a husband and wife team from Massachusetts. Each piece is hand cast and hand made to order. I am completely smitten with the heart shaped measuring spoons, scoops, and such sweetheart related trinkets. I can’t think of a better excuse to start cooking!

All (and many more!) are available for purchase in Beehive Kitchenware’s Etsy Shop. Prices from around $20.oo-$80.oo.

Bon appetit!

heart measuring spoons, $42.oo

heart coffee scoop, $23.oo

heart flour scoop, $40.oo

Welp, there you have it. Super cute. You all probably know that I’m no wiz in the kitchen, but with these darling tools (…and maybe a hot pink mixer) I just might rethink using my oven for shoe storage! ( I kid…)

Visit Beehive Kitchenware’s shop for these darling scoops, plus more fun birdie-inspired metal kitchen accessories!

Happy Friday!


:: Waiting for Spring Time ::

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For some reason, this year I am SO impatient for Spring to arrive!

I think that Spring is such an inspiring season. Something about the air just makes me so happy—it’s hard to stay inside and sew!

While we wait for this brutal California winter…(aka rain)… to pass, here are a few pretty images that made me smile today:

Warm weather is on the way, along with a few big changes in my life..both personally and professionally! I promise I’ll share the big news soon 🙂

(Oh yeah…and new spring dresses will be in the shop so soon! Sorry for being a little behind the ball this year! It’s been a crazy season!)

In the mean time…hurry up sunshine!