About Stuff by Kate

stuff by kate
Hi! My name is Kate.

I am the owner and designer of Stuff by Kate; my clothing line, full of fun and colorful clothing and accessories.  I learned to sew as a child; my mother featured arts & crafts time nearly every day while I was growing up.  Halloween quickly became my favorite holiday, being that I could create a fantastic costume, and transform myself into anything!  I assisted with costume design for my dance company and the high school drama department as a teenager, and decided to turn my passion my career.

I attended college at Lasell College in Newton, MA for a year, and attended the University of Rhode Island for the next three, where I majored in Textiles, Merchandising, and Design with an emphasis on fashion design & construction.  I graduated in May of 2005, and began the journey of fulfilling my life long dream as a fashion designer.

I launched Stuff by Kate in the spring of 2005. I currently live and work in the sunny area of San Jose, California, and deeply love what I do for a living.  My clothing features bright and bold colors, unexpected fabric combinations, and fun whimsical looks.  I hand make every piece of clothing and jewelry myself, knowing that quality is key. I have been involved with many fashion shows all over the bay area during my three year residence here, taken tons of great photos, and had a blast with my clothing.

My work can be found at:

www.stuffbykate.com (currently updating, stay tuned!)



I hope you love what you see.  After all, I sew and design for all of YOU, and just want you to wear my clothing!  Life is short. Wear cool clothes.

Peace & Love,


Meet the designer

Meet the designer


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