:: BIG news ::

Have you heard….?

Well, I’ve got news…big news. Big BIG big news in fact! Apple flavored news..?

Ok, enough. Stuff by Kate is moving!..to New York City! I can still hardly believe it.

California, please know that I love you, and this is nothing personal…we’ve had a good run. I will miss your sunshine dearly. But for many reasons, I’ve decided to make the great trek back to the east coast—MY coast.

I’ve been so lucky to have had this wonderful adventure. Over the past five years, I’ve made some wonderful friends, thrown some realllly fun fashion shows, and seen a ton of sights. I’ve grown as a person and a designer. I’ll be taking many good memories (and my California born pup, Koa-bear!) with me when I go. I’m sure my dog is SO excited to live in six months of snow…sorry Bear!

I’ll be heading out on my brand new adventure at the end of April (the 19th to be exact) and I look forward to spending a great summer with my family before heading to the Big Apple in the fall. As much as I loved my California adventure, I’m ready for a new one. A new story line, a new set of goals….keep an eye out, world, because I’ve got my sights set high! I can’t wait to see what New York City has to offer!

So there you have it! My big news. I’m so very excited. Sad, nostalgic, and still a little unsure…but sometimes you just have to jump in the deep end and go for it. I’m going to miss a lot of things a little, a lot of people a little more, and a few certain people an unimaginable amount.

My shop will remain open with jewelry and in stock garments until April 15th, and then I’ll be off. Oh! And you can follow me on twitter to keep track of my journey! I like to tweet, so I promise to do so often on my trip, because I KNOW you all want to see how fun driving across Kansas is. 🙂

Thank you all SO so much for your unwavering support of my line, and thank you to my dear friends for giving me the pleasure of having met you all. I’ll send postcards!

See you soon……

Wave goodbye Koa! (ruff.) 😉



~ by stuffbykate on March 19, 2010.

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