:: Blythe obessions ::

Today’s Random Thought:
So I think Blythe is really cute. I do. I am kind of craving one with pink hair, I won’t lie. And I think that all her pretty little dresses and accessories are to die for.

Maybe I’ll put one on my wish list…let’s see what all the fuss is about.
Ok, I caved. I now have two….and am beginning to see what all the commotion was over. They are really super fun, and who knew there was a huge community behind the Blythe craze as well?

Here are some of my favorite Blythe photos.

I had no idea Blythe was such a popular little cookie.

By the way, I think making little doll clothes would be IS totally fun!

I’ll put up some photos of my new girls soon 🙂

xoxo SBK


~ by stuffbykate on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “:: Blythe obessions ::”

  1. The doll with the light pink hair is majorly cute. I love Blythe and own one myself (Alexis). They’re so photogenic and fantastic to customise. Definitely look into making clothes for them because custom accessories are always a go.

    BTW, just stumbled upon your blog. Hope you don’t mind if I follow it. 😉

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