:: Good things come in two’s ::

With all of this sewing machine excitement buzzing around, my boyfriend’s mother recalled her “old little white machine” sitting in the closet. Joan had mentioned it before, but I never thought twice about it, seeing I have 4 machines of my own to maintain. But curiosity kicked in, and we started clearing a path through my supplies to the closet.

A few minutes of searching and rearranging revealed an old friend lurking in the closet…a featherweight!!! A white Singer Featherweight 221 from the 60’s. We further researched the serial number, and this machine was made in Scotland in 1964. I have been searching for one of these for months, and had I written a letter to Santa this year, this is what I would have asked for. I can’t believe that all this time, it was in the same room as me, just a few feet away!

Joan shared with me that this machine was a gift from her mother on her 16th birthday, and it was purchased for around $30.00. After a good cleaning and oiling, here is her long lost machine!

This machine is already in great condition, so it only took a screwdriver and an hour or so of cleaning & polishing to bring it up to speed. Good thing, because I don’t think I could handle two huge projects right now!

The machine was lovingly passed along to me, and I promise to take good care of it! Thanks Joan!
I guess good things come in two’s this week! 🙂 My Singer family just keeps growing…

What’s hiding in YOUR closet?




~ by stuffbykate on November 29, 2009.

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