:: Website Update! ::


One of my favorite things about Etsy since I joined in September has been meeting some great & talented people. Maile Lani is the creative force behind the new website, and I’m loving what we came up with together. A seemingly Jane-of-all-trades, Maile is a fantastic web designer and was tons of fun to work with. Her website, emptycrowdedroom.com is bursting with fun photos, graphic design elements, and past works. Be sure to wander over there and check her out!

With that said, I am SO proud to [FINALLY!] announce the long awaited update of my website!
www.stuffbykate.com is fully refurbished and up & running!


The new Stuff by Kate website features full photo collections from past seasons, easy to follow links to my online Etsy boutique, blogging & photos, and a biography of yours truly, along with a super easy email blast signup box to keep you in the know.

It’s still the same SBK, some new funky clothes…and a cooler, simpler website that will from now on, always be up to date!

[ Big thanks as always: Have to give it up for Maile for the great new site; all my beautiful models; Tiffany, my best friend & very first “whimsical” model; Kristen, my good friend & fabulous assisting wonder woman; Rosealee, my rockstar hairdresser; & Kyle, my rock, handyman, and photo shoot roadie; and everyone who has been involved along the way–what you see today wouldn’t have been possible if not for the helping hands & great friends along the way! End of sobbing acceptance speech…now. ]


SO…. join the mailing list and stay in the loop! I’ll be sending out great promotions, trunk sale information, recent photo shoot action, and upcoming fashion show news! I hope you love the new website!





~ by stuffbykate on April 22, 2009.

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