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It’s my pleasure today to bring to you an interview with one of D.C.’s budding rockstar-ettes…meet Ali DiPippo: she’s a brown eyed rocker with amazing vocal chords, mindblowing fingers on the guitar, and a business woman extraordinaire…not to mention one of my closest friends from my sorority days back at URI.

Nevertheless, I’m not biased. She and her band, Rome In A Day, deserve to be recognized for the catchy, toe tapping, and chock-full-of-talent beats they’ve been pumping out. Read on for my unconventional interview with Ali on behalf of RIAD.

Meet Rome In A Day

Meet Rome In A Day

StuffByKate: Let’s start with the boring stuff… Introductions please! Who is Rome in a Day?

AliDiPippo: James Stevens: Lead Vocals/Guitar, Ali DiPippo: Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jay Brazao: Bass/Vocals, and Adam Lee: Drums.

SBK: Where did the name “Rome In A Day” come from?

AD: The name is actually a satire. It’s intended to convey that achieving greatness in this industry, like many things, is the result of much perseverance and hard work.

SBK: Tell me how/when you guys all met. How did RIAD get started?

AD: Ironically enough, we’re a craigslist success story! James (lead vocals) was originally playing as a solo act until he decided to bring his compositions into a full-band environment. He found Adam (our drummer) on craigslist and the two of them started playing shows around the area with friends filling in with various instrumentation. When I found out that I would be moving to DC, I knew immediately that I wanted to jump into the music scene. I had been playing in progressive rock bands in Providence for quite some time and was anxious to begin playing again. I found Adam on craigslist, began corresponding with him before I even moved, and jammed with them about a month later. By January of 2007 we were playing out multiple times a week with me on bass. A few months later we found our bassist Jay, I switched to lead guitar, and the rest is history.

SBK: Musicians by night….what happens during the day? What are your alter egos?

AD: We’re not full-time rockstars… yet! 😉 I work in admissions at an art college and Adam and Jay work in restaurants. James is currently teaching SAT classes and doing some cover shows on the side. Obviously, we’re hoping to make this a career someday, but in the meantime we’re doing what we can to forward our passion while still paying the bills.

SBK: If two bands were to mate and have a baby band, and RIAD is that rockstar child, who would your parents be? (what two bands would have mixed together to form yours?)

AD: Wow, it’s really difficult to narrow it down to two. I’d like to say that we’re actually the product of a giant band orgy since we have so many influences. In keeping this a monogamous relationship though, we do hear from a lot of people that we sound like Coheed and Cambria, so maybe them and 30 Seconds to Mars? Or Heart and Bullet for my Valentine? Or the Partridge Family and Alvin and the Chipmunks… mmm yes, that. Definitely the last one.

Ali DiPippo; Lead Guitar & Vocals for RIAD

Ali DiPippo; Lead Guitar & Vocals for RIAD

SBK: Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of
your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?

AD: Usually James and I will get together and go over a riff I wrote or a vocal melody he wrote. Then we bring it to Adam and Jay, which is where a lot of the fine tuning and formatting comes into play. It’s different with each song though. For example, we all wrote our song ‘Afterglow’ in the van on the way to a show in the Outer Banks, NC.

SBK: What was it like the first time you heard one of your songs on the radio?

AD: It was incredible. I blasted it and ran around the house screaming to all of my roommates that we were being played. It was such an adrenaline rush!

SBK: What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time each week
in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous?

AD: We practice (almost) every Tuesday evening for about 4 hours. The past few weeks we’ve had radio interviews and shows which have interferred a bit with the schedule, but generally we get in at least one rehearsal in per week. The focus is currently on polishing our set for the CD release and working on some brand new tunes which we’ll be debuting live in the near future.

SBK: Being a fashion designer, I have to ask: What do you love to wear on
stage? Tell us what you rock out in.

AD: To be honest, I would LOVE to wear my high heels on stage, but given the energy of our set and the fact that we all utilize our wireless systems, it’s become pretty impossible to wear 3 inch stilettos without seriously injuring myself. It’s not unusual at a RIAD show to see a band member jump off stage and hop on the nearest chair/table/bar to rock out. I do like to offset the fact that I had to give up my heels by wearing large earrings or other forms of obnoxious jewelry though. I’ve always said that Gwen Stefani has been a huge influence of mine – I love how she constantly combines elements of glamour with the punk rock look. When I first started playing I was a lot more conservative about what I wore on stage, but music and fashion are both art forms and manners of expression. It’s great to try to be unique and interesting.

SBK: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

AD: It’s definitely a lot heavier with more progressive twists.

SBK: What is your most embarrassing moment on stage? Any bloopers worth
hearing about?

AD: Hmmm… nothing major as of yet, although I don’t want to jinx us! There have been the occasional equipment slip ups and stumbles while jumping around, but luckily nothing incredibly notable. I almost pulled a Fergie once when I drank a bit too much and didn’t have time to hit the bathroom before a 45 minute set, but luckily I was able to hold it until the end. Sorry Fergs, I KNOW you ain’t cool until you pee your pants. *Cue Billy Madison… and scene*

SBK: What’s exciting in the world of RIAD? What are you guys currently working
on? Anything coming up?

AD: We’re actually in some of the most exciting times the band has experienced! We are the 98Rock Band of the Month for February, so our song ‘Kiss, Disaster’ is in regular rotation (including prime time slots) and we frequently interview with the station. We were just selected to play Shamrockfest @ RFK Stadium for the second year in a row, and we just asked to be an OnTap Magazine Bud Light Artist. We are also nearly done with our debut full-length album (produced by Kevin Gutierrez @ Assembly Line Studios and mixed by Jeff Juliano, whose credits include Dave Matthews and John Mayer), which is on track for an early spring release.

SBK: What are your goals? Where is RIAD headed?

AD: To the stars, baby. To the stars. Or maybe just to rehab. We’re actually a pretty tame band, but I’ll know I’ve made it once I shave my head and attack the paparazzi with an umbrella. Just kidding… but a record deal within in the next year would be quite nice.

SBK: What would you tell an eight year old that wants to be a rock star when
they grow up?

AD: It is by no means all glamour and fun. Being in this industry requires patience, dedication and A LOT of work. My Friday nights now consist of loading gear, writing set lists and playing music instead of partying at clubs with my friends. If you’re truly passionate about creating music then it’s worth it every step of the way, but that has to be your real motivation for pursing something as life consuming as this. Oh, and don’t tell a soul about the Scuba Squad because then everybody’s gonna wanna join. Oh, and one more thing! Be nice to the delivery guy, will ya? It’s not his fault he can’t read.

Rome In A Day

Rome In A Day

SBK: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? Do you have a website with sample songs or a demo CD?

AD: You can check us out at We’ll have the CD release date as well as links to buy our new album within the next few months.

(yay! I can’t wait.)

SBK: Anything else you guys would like to add, promote, tell anyone whose

AD: Live in the moment as much as you can and make sure you’re doing something with your life that ignites a passion inside you. Be responsible, but don’t spend all of your time worrying about tomorrow because you never know how drastically different your life will be in the next year, day, even second. I’m so incredibly grateful I’ve been able to come so far and have so much support in doing something I love so much, and I try to remind myself each day not to take it for granted.
Also, buy the new RIAD album when it comes out because it will melt your face. And buy some Stuff by Kate, because that is what sexy people do. MWAH!

Well, I guess we are a little biased, aren’t we? ☺ I hope you all enjoyed my silly little interview, complete with plenty of Adam Sandler quotes. That’s just how we roll.

So check out RIAD, because they really deserve our support. Lets keep the music coming. Plus, your CD will be worth something when they’re all famous.

Until next time,



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