I ♥ Stuff by Kate!

I have some great new designs, including some fabulous silkscreened artwork by my friend Joey, inline for the Spring collection. One of my pet projects has been creating the I ♥ SBK t-shirts, inspired by New York’s famous motto. Joey and I came up with four different designs, but I’d love YOUR help helping me pick your favorite! Please vote and tell me which designs you’d love to wear, silkscreened on a white fitted tee this spring!

Design One

Design One

Design Two

Design Two

Design Three

Design Three

Design Four

Design Four

Which I ♥ SBK design do YOU love?
( surveys)

Please follow the link above to vote and tell me which design you’d like to see for my logo tees this spring! Thanks for your time & input!

xoxo SBK


~ by stuffbykate on February 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “I ♥ Stuff by Kate!”

  1. I love the shirt! I voted for design #1….

  2. They are all really cute! I’ll go vote now.

  3. I like #2 the best!

  4. This is a great promotional tool…well done…

  5. I like #3, don’t know why! But I do!!!

  6. #1 and #4 are my faves 🙂 Hope you are well Kate!! Miss ya xo

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