Bits and Pieces…and a GenArt update, long overdue.

So we are finally up and running again, and have all the pictures back up! Not quite sure what happened there, but no worries! I am currently in Arizona with my boyfriend, and have been since the end of January. He is playing pro baseball for the Yuma Scorpions, and looking to get a job playing ball all season. I won’t say “cross your fingers” for Kyle, since he is probably the most superstitious person that I know, but…well, you know!

I have a gorgeous and HUGE sewing room set up here, and its just absolutely fabulous. It’s so nice to have room to lay out, and cut, and do cartwheels and so on. We are only here until March, so I’ll enjoy the huge room (with bay window…sigh) while it lasts. The Yuma post office, however, is a bit of a bummer. For some reason, it is the busiest post office I have ever seen, and is always that way. It reminds me of the Whoville post office from the Grinch movie…the line goes on forever and there are packages flying through the air…tons of fun.

Anyway, the Gen Art Shop by Design event was a great time. My friend Tiffany joined my boyfriend and I for the roadtrip to LA, and sat with us at the booth during the show. We had a stellar time; sold a few pieces, drank some champagne…and bailey’s in chocolate shot glasses…yummy. The fashion show was fun, everyone had some great designs. I was looking forward to meeting Jeffrey Sebilia from Project Runway, but I guess he got too famous or busy to attend in person. Oh well! My friend Alicia from my college and sorority days also made the trip down from Newport Beach and spent the night with us. We finished off the night on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel, which was absolutely amazing. I felt I was Carrie from Sex and the City. What a great experience, and fun time with great friends.

Stuff by Kate on the Runway at Gen Art

Stuff by Kate on the Runway at Gen Art

All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better night. Well, maybe we could have pulled in some more money, since the trip was so damn expensive. But we had a blast.

Tiffany getting some love from the makeup experts

Tiffany getting some love from the makeup experts

Me & Tiffany at my booth at Shop by Design

Me & Tiffany at my booth at Shop by Design

I also recently completed a little mini photoshoot with my model/friend (friend first!) Kaori. We packed up some looks I have been meaning to shoot for quite some time now, and headed off to Cayote park for some great photos. Some of the new pieces are already available at, and the rest will be up very shortly!

Annnnnd that's a wrap! Great photo shoot!

Annnnnd that's a wrap! Great photo shoot!

The photos, along with my past four or five collections, will be on my updated website so soon! They are all posted on my myspace however, so if you want to take a peek, check out I have been working on a website redesign for so long, and hope to have that to you soon! Stay tuned for new and exciting things, as always!

xoxo ♥ SBK


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